Letter: Cycle trail costs

23:57, Aug 04 2013

For a mayoral candidate Cr Douglas has a poor understanding of basic maths.

To ''siphon off'' - at 5 per cent - the $150,000 pa needed to maintain the Around the Mountain cycleway businesses registered on the cycleway website will have to gross $3 million.

To pay the interest on the loan those same businesses will have to gross $1 million more for every million spent over the $4 million the Key government so generously gave back to Southlanders (based on interest rates at 5 per cent).

Assuming the cycleway costs an additional $7 million registered businesses will have to gross an awesome $10 million to pay for the maintenance of the cycleway and the interest on the loan before a cent can go towards paying off the principle.

How will accommodation and food and beverage providers differentiate between those using the cycleway and those arriving by car?

I've got a pair of clippers here - they were used to clip my three- legged dog's nails - and David Adamson and Cr Douglas can use them to ''clip'' any cats they can successfully muster on the trail.

Te Anau


The Southland Times