Letter: Harder for pedestrians

Thanks for your story on Monday regarding my concerns on the CBD upgrade. However, I would like to add some points the story missed.

Reducing to one lane will not make it easier for pedestrians to cross. Instead of having two short rows of traffic approaching there will be one long lane making it harder to get a gap.

At peak times, traffic will back up and through the previous intersection. This will be a major problem in December with the Christmas rush.

Wherever it changes from two lanes to one lane, it will create frustrations with delays.

Slow speeds create frustration with drivers and frustrated drivers are dangerous drivers.

With the ICC roading department's decision to close off several Tweed St intersections, the emergency services now use Tay St to head to west Invercargill and Otatara. One lane will seriously affect their response times.

While during the consultation process it was mentioned the aim was to make it safer for pedestrians to cross Dee and Tay streets it was never mentioned about reducing these streets to one lane. How can you consult when you are not told what is planned.

It can be made safer by simply removing concrete pillars, trees and shrubs that obstruct the view of drivers.

To gauge how many people agree with me I will run a petition against the reduction of lanes from two to one. Those who agree can sign the petition at The Lollie Shop in Cambridge Place.

This will allow informed consultation.


The Southland Times