Letter: Window dressing

00:32, Aug 14 2013

Invercargill City Council has a long history of commissioning outsiders to tell us what they think of us. This latest CBD fiasco is no different.

We should be building on what is there now. The Esk/Don street blocks are nearly right, although there are some stumbling problems. All the buildings with first and second floors should have accommodation, but they are vacant because of earthquake danger and are uneconomic to strengthen.

We needed another four-storeyed car park, but the site was sold without anyone knowing.

The car park and Scottish Hall area could be vibrant, if the hall could be fully useable. Where will the cars go? Generous parking is needed for a farmers market.

The lunchtime people are well catered for by existing cafes, which often have some outside tables.

For a small city with an uncertain future, we as ratepayers should reject most of this proposed ''window dressing'' and not tear down anything which is working well.

Rise up for your rights.



The Southland Times