Letter: Where was the red flag?

00:44, Aug 16 2013

The recent sale of a prime Invercargill City Council property, formerly a CBD-adjacent car park, with a capacity of about 80 vehicles, seems to have come back to bite the council.

Now they have to find replacement parking spaces for the CBD upgrade project.

Now this begs the question, why didn't the loss of so many parking spaces, so close to the CBD, and during the initial planning of the upgrade, signal a red flag?

Surely, at the time the sale was agreed to, councillors, and the mayor, must have known this loss of prime parking would have to be made up.

Yet this didn't stop the Mayor Tim Shadbolt, apparently confused by the meaning of ''status quo'', hastily put his casting vote in favour of the sale.

Their amazing solution is to constrict Tay St, a main thoroughfare, to just two lanes in order to accommodate replacement central parking, at who knows what additional cost to ratepayers.


Centre parking is hardly a safe option at any time.

Just another quality decision by Tim's Team.

After all, it's only ratepayers' money, I suppose, so easy to spend it, when it's not yours, eh?


The Southland Times