Letter: Council breaking own rules

It has come to my attention that the Invercargill City Council has ignored complaints lodged with it regarding the illegal display of motor vehicles for sale within the city, in direct violation of the council's own bylaws and the bylaws of the National Roads Board.

The council's own bylaws allow for a maximum penalty of $20,000, so this in itself is no minor matter.

On my own visit at 3.10pm, Thursday, August 15, I counted five vehicles in the block between Elles Rd and Nith St.

Of these, four were being advertised for sale and one had been ''written off the road'' and was red-stickered accordingly. Photographs of this activity were recorded.

Of particular concern was the fact that one of these vehicles was not only being advertised for sale, it contained billboards in the windows advertising a further 23 vehicles for sale.

Each of these advertisements was a printout from Trade Me. An email address was the point of contact for the van and its 23 ''passengers''.

By any stretch of the imagination it can only be construed that a business is operating in this particular circumstance.

My concerns:

  1. If the council is ignoring this practice, it is complicit in the breaches;
  2. Road safety. The council states it wants to encourage investment in the city by businesses to attract employment. How about looking after the businesses already in existence and ensuring that the illegal traders are taken out of business?

I look forward to the response from City Hall.

Invercargill mayoral candidate

The Southland Times