Letter: Delay needed

23:40, Aug 19 2013

I urge Invercargill city councillors to vote to delay any decisions on upgrading the city centre at their meeting on August 27 for the following reasons:

(1) Ratepayers have not had the opportunity of commenting on the final plan. There is considerable disquiet in the community about some aspects of the plan. Those who are paying should have the right to be consulted - and the plan may even be improved through that process.

(2) Two outgoing councillors want to advance the plan, but the rest of the current council appears to be divided on when and how to deal with the issue. It is the incoming council that should make the decisions, as those council members will be held accountable in the next three years.

The CBD upgrade is badly needed, but it has been that way for some years. It is better to have an accord in the New Year than a battle before Christmas.



The Southland Times