Letter: Council meeting

How very interesting to see the public gallery controlling parts of Tuesday's Invercargill City Council meeting by them asking for a show of hands on the final vote.

How interesting, too, to see Cr Norman Elder addressing, with at times somewhat of a scowl, the public gallery rather than the chair.

How interesting to hear consultant Craig Pocock advise that the gloomy backs of buildings in Wood St would be an integral part of the inner-city upgrade. (Perhaps they'll meet expectations by putting up hanging baskets?)

Interesting, too, to hear of Cr Dean's overseas travels and the comparison of our city to places like Paris with its Eiffel Tower etc, and seeking relevance to Invercargill.

Interesting to learn councillors were in the dark about how and when apparently inconsequential millions of dollars were added to costs, who knows how or when?

Interesting to hear to our surprise we should all be terrified of walking through Wachner Place even in the day time.

Interesting to hear we, the public, had somehow stupidly missed that there had been a massive 30-plus ''consultation meetings''. When?

Most interesting of all for some was to see chief executive Richard King put his hand up during the final vote approving the inner-city upgrade - hoping he would influence others, or maybe even have his vote counted perhaps?

Were we actually at a council meeting, I wonder? Or was it some re-enactment of something from Alice in Wonderland or some type of farce?


Mr King advises that his hand was raised because he was counting the votes and recording the councillors' names. It's a requirement that when there's a division, the votes are put on the record. - Editor

The Southland Times