Letter: Annual plan voting

01:11, Sep 03 2013

It is important that your regular correspondent Pauline McIntosh gets the facts right when she incorrectly assigns voting by named Environment Southland councillors (September 2). 

It is interesting that she believes she has facts about councillors voting discussions held in public excluded session. 

I can confirm that I did vote in favour of the adoption of the Annual Plan. 

All councillors voted for the adoption of that plan, and that included the dairy differential decision.
I am opposed to ratepayers subsidising industry, but the decision the council has made was after considerable deliberation.

Her assertion about where the money comes from is also incorrect as people can see when they read Environment Southland's annual plan financial statements. 

The subsidy ($261,000) came from a reserve account of past surpluses that has been in place for some time. 


The people of Southland are extremely fortunate to have such as successful company as South Port making a substantial annual contribution to defraying the rates that might otherwise be charged to all of us. 

Councillors were very pleased with the latest dividend result.


Neville Cook is a sitting member of Environment Southland and a candidate for re-election. - Editor.

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