Adopting concept plan best way forward

Let us get this straight; voting on the CBD plan at the city council meeting did not set it in concrete. It is a concept plan.

Before the meeting I was of the mind I would vote against the adoption as there were aspects I did not agree with. After getting satisfactory answers to my questions, I did vote for it.

Why? This is a concept plan, not fixed. It can be changed and there are aspects for which I will strive for change to be made.

Adopting the concept is the best way of enabling progress without further waste. Let us not waste the large amount of work spent to get to this stage. Be a part of it to work for a positive cohesive plan that will enhance our city.

Much talk has been made about the plan turning Dee and Tay streets into single lanes. Assurance was given that the council will assess this.

I would like examination of other ''precincts''. For example, Don St, the market space, and bowling green (No 10).

Funding issues need further discussion. Take out or trim some of the precincts about which others, and I, indicated we were against, and the cost falls remarkably.

There will need to be examination of recent earthquake legislation and associated issues which may without care impact on costs. Please read The Southland Times editorial (August 29) and the Inform article also in the Times, (August 31) which may help allay unfounded fears.



* Graham Lewis is a city councillor standing for re-election - Editor.