Balanced decision

Pauline McIntosh's letter accusing Environment Southland councillors of failing the ratepayers of Southland with their decision to vote in favour of the adoption of the Annual Plan, which included the dairy differential decision, seems well wide of the mark.

I quote the Southland Times (June 25): ''The decision was made on the basis that the Water and Land 2020 and Beyond project identified that the whole community was contributing to water quality issues, one way or another. As such, the dairy industry should not be the only sector singled out for an extra contribution to the planning component of that project.''

Shouldn't she be congratulating those councillors for doing what they're elected to do?

Could it be that they actually listened to all the submitters, for and against, and made a balanced decision based on all information put before them, without any preconceived ideas?

Maybe she needs to get her head around the fact that there are other contributors to Southland's water quality decline. Isn't that why Environment Southland added ''Beyond'' to the Water and Land 2020 title?

In my opinion, her incorrect claims used to discredit current councillors seeking re-election will only do harm to her own credentials.