Letter: Chairman's performance

01:23, Sep 10 2013

Cr Guyton's suggestion of a performance appraisal for the chairman (September 6) misrepresents the relationship between the chairman and councillors.

Performance appraisals are used in an employment relationship between an employee and an employer. As chairman of Environment Southland, I am not employed by councillors. I am elected by them in a democratic process.

My performance as chairman is up for scrutiny by councillors all the time. If a majority of councillors decided that I was not carrying out my duties in a satisfactory way, they could follow a legal process to elect a new chairman.

As a councillor, I am elected by my constituents. I have represented them for the past 12 years. If my performance as their representative had not been up to scratch, I'm sure I would not have just been re-elected unopposed in the Eastern Dome constituency.

Environment Southland


The Southland Times