Letter: Appraisal on the way

Mr Guyton in his letter of September 5 has managed to uniquely mangle a range of quite distinct matters and somehow work in a shot at John Key for good measure.

A chairman does not a council make, and if Mr Guyton was genuine in his attempts to ensure that the governance structures and processes are effective in accordance with principals of the Local Government Act 2002, then he would be encouraging all councillors to reflect on and evaluate the performance of the whole council working together and their collective outputs (perhaps with particular reference to constituent engagement if that is his primary concern).

Quite how any of this relates to citizen-initiated referendums is beyond me though. Perhaps Mr Guyton can derive some comfort from the fact there will at least be a robust and fulsome appraisal of councillors on October 12.


Ben Nettleton is a candidate for Environment Southland - Editor

The Southland Times