Letter: Funding concerns

00:20, Sep 16 2013

I wonder if it should be called the half around the mountain cycle trail.

I have serious doubts about the funding of this trail. The funding and consents should have been in place before work was commenced.

To think you can bus people over part of the trail that is not complete is a joke.

Profitability will depend on numbers; are people going to be turned away because there are not enough to fill a bus?

What is being suggested will have people riding in to the nor- wester on their way to Mavora, it will not be easy.

My main concern is that Southland District Council ratepayers will have to cough up the funding to finish this trail.


If people in the Five Rivers Ward are so keen, I think any shortfall should be funded by them, in exactly the same way that Te Anau-Manapouri ratepayers fund the airport here that they did not want.

We are a very small community we do not need any more of these dogs of investments in infrastructure we can not afford.

Te Anau

Ted Loose is a candidate for the Te Anau Community Board - Editor.

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