Letter: Democracy defeated

Well, democracy failed this week.

The Invercargill City Council and members of the infrastructure and services committee have voted in favour of freeholding the motor camp and Cabbage Tree restaurant land at Sandy Point (they still have to apply to the Minister of Conservation to change it from leasehold to freehold).

But this is after an earlier vote that didn't get enough support, and also 20 public submissions in favour of the proposal, and 58 submissions against the proposal.

What a joke. Does this council think it can just rush everything through because it's election year? It seems like this current council just dord what it pleases.

Of those 58 against, many submissions are on behalf of sports clubs with hundreds of members and thousands of supporters. So why favour the smaller group?

Private ownership on our reserve is wrong. It could start the ball rolling.

The worst-case scenario is not being able to enjoy the reserve. The next person might want a huge chunk for a subdivision etc.

For motorsport out there, the noise-measuring point would end up being 1km further west, because it's measured from the closest point of private land. Work that one out for yourselves.

On my wall, I have a list of eight names of councillors with ''don't vote for 'em'' written beside it. They all voted in favour of the city upgrade plan. Now I will find out which ones voted in favour of the Sandy Point plan and do the same.

It sounds wrong, but I, like many others have lost faith in the current city council.

I have nothing against the Cabbage Tree, or the motor camp. Just keep it leasehold. Attention, Minister of Conservation.


Abridged - Editor

The Southland Times