Letter: Polytechs not unis

23:58, Sep 22 2013

Tim misses the point, I think, in his ambition to have the Southern Institute of Technology become a university.

I went to Unitec at the time they tried to change status. Alongside quite a few others, I was horrified and we debated jumping ship to either Manukau or Auckland Polytech (Auckland was not a university at that stage). Fortunately, it did not change while I completed my studies.

We had selected our institute based on the courses - and content of the courses - not whether or not they were a uni or polytech.

Fees didn't come into it either . . . it was about what course we wanted to do.

Polytechs tend to be the place for trades, for hands-on IT, and so on.

Uni is for lawyers, doctors, commerce people and those who are not doing the hands-on so much.


IT for instance. If you want programming or research into robotics and such pick university.

If you want technician or networking pick polytech.

Manukau Polytech, for instance, was the choice for electronics technicians . . . uni was for electronics engineers . . .


The Southland Times