Letter: Section size changes

23:55, Sep 26 2013

Under the proposed Invercargill City District Plan the minimum section size in the rural sub area is stated as 4 hectares.

Under the current plan, the minimum area is 2 hectares. Owners of 4 hectare blocks will not be able to subdivide under the proposed plan without a resource consent. The value of the property will be adversely affected if this new plan is adopted.

At a recent real estate meeting, Mr Bill Watt, the author of the plan, stated that the site area needs to change due to effluent contamination from septic tanks. Field drains only cover a small part of a 2 hectare site and we believe that this argument is flawed.

We believe that strongest demand around the city is for 2 hectare blocks, not 4 hectares, as most buyers of lifestyle blocks generally desire these smaller sites.

All property owners need to consider the new plan carefully, to assess how it will affect them, and make a submission if required.

Southland Branch Property Institute of New Zealand


The Southland Times