Letter: Loyalty to Highlanders

22:44, Oct 10 2013

I read that Highlanders chief executive Roger Clark has said there will be no home games in Invercargill for financial reasons. We're unlikely to even have a preseason game.

This is the same man who presided over the financial mess Southland Rugby got itself into a few seasons ago.

I thought the idea of a franchisee was to engage a wider base than just a large city.

The reality is that for any Southland-born Stag player, any Super 15 future is with any franchisee - there is no real loyalty or pull towards the Highlanders, given that the Highlanders are hardly setting the rugby world alight with all their high-profile underperforming players.

So, how would Dunedin feel if all the Steel games were played in Invercargill for financial reasons?

That would not be considered by netball, who see games away from the traditional Sting base as an investment in a wider region and, with it, exposure of elite players to a younger group of potential players.



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