Letter: CBD upgrade

In The Southland Times (November 7), Cr Alan Dennis replies to a letter by J F Whitfield. He is quoted as saying: ''The CBD upgrade will happen in some form and over a period of time. We have no choice''.

Not so!

A booklet on Invercargill published in the early 1950s stated that Invercargill is a rural servicing city.

It is said when the farmer sneezes, Invercargill gets a cold.

Unfortunately, using that analogy from the early 1980s, the farmer got the cold and Invercargill got pneumonia.

No amount of money spent on the CBD will create business.

It's only a few years back that $8 million, as I remember it, was spent on the CBD, to no benefit except those who carried out the work.

The same still applies, so to Cr Dennis and those who think like him, there is a choice.

Do not waste ratepayers' money on schemes that will definitely not increase spending and patronage in the city.


The Southland Times