Letter: Sadistic practice

Kudos to New Zealand officials for stopping the war on sharks (''Editorial: Finning and sinning'' November 12).

By banning shark finning in New Zealand waters, countless sharks will be spared from being hooked, hauled into boats, having their fins sliced off with knives and dumped back into the water to slowly drown, bleed to death or be helpless to fight off an attack by other sharks.

So many people simply aren't aware of this sadistic practice, but sharks are being maimed and killed like this all over the world, predominantly to produce shark- fin soup. Sharks populations of nearly all species are plummeting due to the carnage. All this suffering for a bowl of soup.

If you wouldn't ever consider supporting such appalling cruelty, remember that cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and other animals, including fish and other sealife, also suffer when killed and cut up for their body parts. If you don't want to be a part of the deadly cycle, go vegan, and no one has to die for your meal.

Vice-President of International Operations
PETA Asia-Pacific

The Southland Times