Letter: Debt to China

23:13, Nov 19 2013

What rubbish in Tim Shadbolt's column headlined ''We owe a war debt to China''.

I was visiting Southland recently, what a beautiful province and a great newspaper too, but it's been a while since I've read such rubbish as this.

I am at a complete loss to know how the beauty of Southland or the industry of persons there owes anything at all to the Chinese or the British or the Americans for that matter.

Trade is trade, and in war it would seem that soldiers are forced to act with surprisingly little self-interest regardless of whom the perceived enemy is.

What we owe is a debt of love to our Tangata and our Whenua. If we can't achieve this, why should we be anxious about the rest.


Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt's reference to the war debt was made on the basis that in World War II China helped save Australia and New Zealand from invasion by refusing to surrender to the Japanese, drawing its resources to that conflict rather than a virtually defenceless Australasia. - Editor.


The Southland Times