Letter: Pointless waste of life

23:11, Nov 20 2013

In reply to your editorial ''Indolent thrills and effortless kills'' (November 20), shooting other animals to death is a blood sport. Take Melissa Bachman and her Deadly Pursuit video series. Sponsored by a bullet company, she flies around the world posing for the cameras while she points and shoots a weapon.

She is currently in the news for standing over a lion she claims to have shot to death in South Africa. Massive gun cocked to the sky, over-the-top jewellery and a toothy grin, for what? To sell bullets? To show how tough she thinks she is? To ''appreciate the outdoors"?

My partner Jen has visited South African and Tanzania on a wildlife trip of her own. Lions, elephants, chimpanzees, ostriches, flamingos, giraffes, wildebeest, zebra, hyena . . . she took photos of these lovely animals without harming them.

Some of the most wonderful pictures were taken of chimpanzees inside Gombe Stream National Park where primatologist Jane Goodall famously studied them. If Jen had shot one to death, she would have got, what, one lousy hunting photo over a corpse?

By respecting other animals and leaving them to live their lives, she and the tour guides spent over four hours with a group of chimpanzees.

She left nothing, and took nothing but memories of these chimpanzees on the ground and swinging through the trees.


Abridged. Editor


The Southland Times