Letter: Property abuse

Last updated 11:55 22/11/2013

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OPINION: Each day, during the course of my work, I get to drive around a good part of the city.

Lately I have noticed a huge increase in graffiti.

A couple of years ago, I challenged some ethnic minority youths who were writing on the wall of an inner-city shop. I incurred their most profane abuse.

What have they ever achieved, I ask?

I'd be very surprised if it was much more than a rap sheet and four-walled cell.

Graffiti vandals have usually been brought up in a culture of rental accommodation where hard work to actually own something hasn't occurred, and the property abuse has just been handed down.

This behaviour starts at home.

Recently, I observed a group of young ethnic majority in Lithgow St East who, upon leaving the rental they were in, painted vulgar graffiti on almost everybody's letterboxes, power-boxes etc before exiting their accommodation to undoubtedly go and live in some other poor landlord's house - probably the state.

This morning, go and have a look at the carpark of the Richmond Grove Church in Yarrow St to see what damage these young layabouts do.


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