Don't tar all with one dirty dairying brush

Here we go again. Big bold lettering about dirty dairying in our daily paper.

We are getting very tired of your same old tune - taking one bad apple out of the box and highlighting it.

What about the 99.9 per cent of good farmers?

Can't you print anything positive?

And then we find out from Ali Timms the pH level is not as bad as reported - typical scaremongering tactics.

There was no need for that type of bold heading regarding this.

If it wasn't for the farming community, their commitment to long hours and huge investments we would be a lot worse off - think about that; or are you too short- sighted to see the benefits (for example, making Southland a prosperous province, long may it continue.

Is The Southland Times working fulltime for Environment Southland now?

One would think so.

It's time to ban all Greenie letters to the paper, especially from Riverton.

As far as asset sales are concerned, think for yourself and the economy. Don't let the Greens dictate your decision. If you want to say ''Yes'', do so.



The Southland Times