Letter: Let them know you're angry

18:49, Nov 27 2013

The Alliance and Silver Fern Farms annual general meetings are coming up.

Are you happy with their performance over the last few years?

Are you happy that they paid suppliers too much and sold our product for too little and lost $200 million between them?

Are you happy no one has been held accountable?

Are you happy our kids will have to milk cows if they want a future in farming unless the sheep and beef industry makes some serious changes?

Who has allowed this to happen?


I'm sad to say it is us, the shareholders, who have let the directors get away with poor governance. We have allowed them to put their own interests above the company's interest.

Farmers need change in the industry but our co-ops tell us it's too hard.

That's why we, the farmers, need to lead the change as no one on the two boards wants to lose their job.

We need one strong co-op.

We need some blood on the floor and we need a lot of dead wood to be pruned.

Alliance and Silver Fern Farms only get a 20 per cent to 25 per cent turnout for voting. Fonterra gets an 85 per cent to 90 per cent turnout.

Do your ABC - get off your A..., get to the Ballot, make your vote Count.

Curio Bay

The Southland Times