Hare-brained asset scheme

22:38, Dec 01 2013

I see that John Husband (November 29) questions the point and the cost of the referendum on asset sales. 

Surely Mr Husband understands democracy and the right of individuals to question decisions by the incumbent Government. 

He must have heard the aggravation of many New Zealanders on what this National Government is doing by selling off our county's valuable assets. 

Assets that have given every New Zealander much-needed dividends for many years - dividends which will not now be available for us and our children. 

Short-term gain for long-term pain. 

Yes, Mr Husband is correct in thinking that this referendum will not get these assets back now, but this Government needs to know that the majority of Kiwis are against what it's doing. 


What is next on the radar?

I implore everyone to take the time to fill in the voting forms and tell this Government just what we think of its hare-brained asset selling scheme.



The Southland Times