Dog park project challenged

22:43, Dec 04 2013

I question the financial cost of the Elles Rd dog park.

Although Invercargill is a small city it supports, surprisingly, about 8000 dogs.

We do not hear about many serious dog problems. This would indicate most dog owners are responsible people.

Almost all the dogs that pass my gate have their leads on.

The park has been no small undertaking.

It involved wooden posts and strainers, deer fencing, ordinary wire netting, assorted Cyclone gates, fencing, contractor labour, underground services, bins and containers, new plantings (a number to replace young trees recently removed) gravel paths and gate pads, second-hand sheds, various trucks, tractors and assorted machinery, plus a reasonably large number of staff.


I suggest that in future projects the council pay more attention to the people directly affected.

Since I live in Ythan St, I would not expect to have any great input into the creation of a dog park in North Invercargill, even though I may be legally entitled to do so.

The council should take greater care in the acceptance of submissions and exclude minors.

I wish to make it clear: I opposed the siting of the new dog park as I believed there were more appropriate places for one to be established.



Abridged - Editor