Use these schools

03:36, Dec 16 2013

I see that next year marks 10 years since the Ministry of Education shut several schools in Invercargill and nearly three years since The Southland Times covered this story in 2011.

As all local residents know, little has been done with these buildings that are deteriorating day by day to a point that makes them less financially viable to be tidied up and re-used.

I have a couple of ideas that could be of use.

The Invercargill City Council could force the Government to make a decision to either demolish or sell for development the school under the same situation it had done with derelict houses in town.

Is it an option as SIT continues to grow that the schools are either transformed into student flats or even used as classrooms/ campuses again?

The SIT is surely bigger than it was in 2004, and bus routes and services could be altered to suit getting students around between these schools.


It isn't good enough to have had our city's three main entrances and exits soured by these eyesores, namely the former Hawthorndale school on State Highway 1 to the east, Clifton on State highway 1 to the south, and Waikiwi on State Highway 6 to the north.

A decade is too long to have nothing done.

The council needs to take control and sort a local issue.