'Welcome to the gravy train'

When Leanne Dalziel was elected as mayor of Christchurch City Council, it was a breath of fresh air for ratepayers, who knew that at last they had a mayor who would stand up for them and cut excessive spending.

At the recent local body election I voted, as did the majority, for Gary Tong, hoping he would do the same and curb the culture of extravagance that I believe existed with the Southland District Council.

But no, nothing has changed the free lunches and The Southland Times reports (December 2), a $7000 retreat for councillors at a popular tourist spot at the ratepayers' expense.

Both chief executive David Adamson and Mr Tong said it is value for the ratepayers.

If it is such a great idea, why don't they both pay for it as they are both on six-figure salaries? Like his predecessor and deputy, welcome to the SDC gravy train riders club Mr Tong.



The Southland Times