Letter: Cycling safety

It is awesome that safety measures have improved cycle safety statistics.

However, the day after your Saturday article, while travelling between Colac Bay and Tuatapere in a 100kmh area, I rounded a sharp corner on an uphill slope to encounter a cyclist travelling at minimal speed in the middle of my side of the road.

A steep bank to my left and two approaching vehicles made any action other than sharp braking impossible.

One very fortunate cyclist had no idea of what had occurred.

When the road was clear and I overtook her, she was still in the middle of the road. I was shaken and very relieved.

One kilometre further on, another cyclist, (maybe they were travelling together) was pulled over near the brow of a hill.

Yes, the cycle was to the left of the white line - but the small trailer was not.

Personally, I think cycling is a wonderful way to travel and to see our beautiful countryside. However, it isn't always the motorist who is at fault.

Your article notes the vulnerability of cyclists, so they too need to be safety conscious.


The Southland Times