Letter: Big Oil Gonna Get Yah!

I get sick of timid people.

I'm prepared to double that $200 million the high-powered energy consortium is putting in and I can drill any man under the table.

No sickly mutton bird or pied shag will stand in my way. Stuff yer oysters, I say! No pesky injun or misery guts of a Greenie gonna stop us now.

Stuff yer coastline; we got a job to do!

We might give grinning sheriff Tim and the simple townsfolk their lousy 5 per cent if our accountant says we need the PR, but we don't really.

Got the media hog tied which means open slather.

So all of you listen up.

When a shaven-headed CEO says jump you better jump, sonny!

We gonna bust this place wide open. Come hell or black water.

Cosy Nook

The Southland Times