Criticism using invalid arguments

23:16, Jan 13 2014

Zelda Horrell, Dave Kennedy and Aaron Nicholson are profoundly in error to criticise drilling for gas offshore.

They are entitled to say they don't like it; to use invalid arguments is disgraceful.

Drilling for gas does not invite an oilfield disaster like in the Gulf of Mexico. There are vast numbers of safe, successful oil and gas rigs across the world.

The massive loss to BP makes other rigs very, very careful. The loss of life there makes workers very, very careful.

Mentioning Rena is totally invalid. That was an error in navigation that any senior high-school girl with or without a $200 GPS would have avoided. An error in navigation like on the empty alumina carrier in Bluff that ran aground.

The world is definitely warming, perhaps. It has been hotter in history.


A matter of planetary physics, not combustion.

The only people in La La Land are those who want more money but don't know where it comes from.

Drill, baby, drill.