Ignoring the wishes of the electorate

Jeff Sanders, of Barnardos, is concerned that the current anti- smacking law will become an election issue.

Why would it be an election issue at all if most parents supported it?

I suggest that it certainly should and probably will become an election issue for the following reasons: The politicians imposed this law against the wishes of most parents. A following referendum that clearly confirmed their wishes was ignored. 

Then we have the convoluted babbletalk of some groups trying to equate a corrective smack with violence and sadistic cruelty.

To hear them talk, one would think they had a monopoly on all wisdom connected with successful child rearing. 

I suggest that most parents are perfectly capable of raising their children without the interference of the State and that making criminals of parents who find it necessary to impose reasonable discipline is not a particularly wise or democratic way to go.

The politicians are supposed to be the servants of the people - responsive to their wishes and concerns.

Didn't happen in this case. I hope the next parliamentary candidates in our area of the country will take note. If you are not committed to genuinely representing the people, then don't apply for the job.