Making informed choices on food

I am often entertained and sometimes appalled by writers to this paper informing readers on what the Green party intends to do and what our policies are.

Most are not party members and many are full of conspiracy theories and emotive warnings of what would happen if the Green Party ever got into Government.

There also appears to be an assumption that anyone who expresses a view that is different from the mainstream must be quoting Green policy.

Martin McGregor (January 18) was particularly upset that the ''snobbish'' Greens were ''only interested in foisting their own extreme dietary theories on the rest of us . . .''

I am not sure what Mr McGregor based this claim on, because his ''balanced'' diet, as he describes, is currently supported by Green Party policy and would be enhanced if our particular concerns were addressed.

Some of the key principles from our policy state: Everyone has access to affordable, healthy and nutritious food. New Zealanders are fully informed about what is in our food, know where it comes from, when and how it is produced and are able to exercise informed choice about the food we consume, including the impact of food choices on the environment. Regional, local, neighbourhood and household food production for local use is encouraged and supported.

Mr McGregor is more than welcome to read the rest of our policy on our website but I hope he feels reassured that the Green Party is more concerned that our food is safe and accessible and that people are able to make informed choices than ever dictating what people should eat.


Invercargill Green Party spokesperson


The Southland Times