Big Brother is coming to get us

21:46, Jan 23 2014

Electricity Invercargill Ltd in the December 2013 issue of Connections stated that smart meters will replace all current meters over three years, starting in 2014.

Smart meters are just more of the global Orwellian, prying, spying, controlling, surveillance arsenal. The Australian government imposed the introduction of smart meters in 2009. To date only Victoria and New South Wales are installing, and awakened consumers in Victoria are now having them removed, as in Canada and California.

The facts exposing the health, and privacy destroying dangers of smart meters are clearly outlined on various websites:; stopsmartmeters;

These sites list the numerous serious health issues, including cancers due to smart-meter radiation, as with other wireless technology. They also show how to avoid the installation of smart meters and, if installed, how to have them removed. If consumers don't awaken to the dangers, it will be too late to have them removed as suppliers will claim that analogue meters are no longer available.

An article on the ''Emerging Public Health Nightmare'' due to smart meters by Australian Don Maisch PhD is posted on (May-Aug 2013 issue). Many health complaints are due to smart meters near bedrooms.

Google smartmeters bc to see the class action of Canadians, including commercial businesses, against the bullying tactics and outrageous costs imposed by BC Hydro.


When citizens, ratepayers, taxpayers, voters, consumers allow (by inaction) governments, agencies, public utilities, local and regional councils to impose dictatorial practices, it is regarded as consent and abdication of their rights.



Electricity Invercargill Ltd chairman Neil Boniface replied:

Smart meters are being introduced so we can better manage our network in real time, respond more quickly to outages, and plan with more certainty Invercargill and Southland's future power use.

Smart meters are connected to a central hub via a very secure radio frequency network, and the only information that is passed on to electricity retailers is electricity usage - just as it is now.

Smart meters emit much less radio frequency fields than a household microwave oven or cordless home phone. A typical meter transmits less than one second per day and this occurs mainly at night.

Appliance manufacturers are starting to produce whiteware that will allow consumers, through their smart meters and their electricity retailers, to monitor and conserve power if they want to.

These are a step forward for energy-conscious consumers and for Electricity Invercargill's network management.


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