Letter: Fossil fuel not future

23:08, Jan 28 2014

I am writing as a reader strongly opposed to oil drilling in New Zealand.

Why are we so eager to sell off our natural resources to foreign corporations as an act of national salvation?

Do we truly believe that very wealthy businessmen in the United States have our interests at heart? Or are we selling out because of an expensive and targeted advertising campaign by huge oil interests?

Is this why papers, including The Southland Times, have front page cover stories with pro-oil drilling conclusions?

I am writing to urge everyone to read different perspectives from a variety of sources.

Please don't believe the propaganda in our mainstream media.


The oil barons have very few limitations or regulations in New Zealand.

Our seas, our marine creatures, our green economy, and our future generations are relying on our actions right now to create a future, transitionally less reliant on fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are not the future. Green job sectors are growing much faster than others, so let us not put our faith in Anadarko, Shell, Gazprom and the other polluting giants.

Let us act by carpooling, writing letters, posting signs, riding bikes, and discussing these important issues over tea with our friends and family. Decrease your own reliance on fossil fuels, while we peacefully act to force our government to promote what is the best for us - a cleaner, more resilient energy portfolio for our future generations. New Zealand, like Germany, can be moving towards a 100 per cent renewable energy goal in 2014.

(Abridged. Editor)

The prominence of the stories was based on the news value - how significant we believed the issue to be for our readers. We reached our separate editorial conclusions on the basis of what we honestly thought, based on the facts as we saw them. The benefits of advertising don't include influencing either reporting or editorial comment. - Editor

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