Letter: Rabbits on the rise

It must have a good breeding season for the rabbits.

All around the outskirts of Invercargill they are becoming a very very common sight, and left to breed they will become a large problem.

The responsibility to control them is passed on to the land owners, and rightly so, but how are the landowners supposed to catch a rabbit?

They can't shoot them, set traps (too many pet cats around) and poison is not very effective.

Rabbits move around and live in hedges and long grass, boundary fences are no problem for them.

May I suggest Environment Southland employ a full time person, with a good pack of dogs and some knowledge of the rabbits' habits, to clean up one area at a time and maybe organise some night shooting.

This way landowners would have someone to support them, we do pay pest rates.

Doing nothing is not an option. The longer we take the larger the problem becomes, and the rabbits continue doing what rabbits do best.


The Southland Times