Letter: Be seen or pay

22:26, Feb 03 2014

Recently on Campbell Live two Auckland cyclists were interviewed about wearing reflective gear while cycling.

Both gentlemen were adamant that they were not going to do so and that if they were involved in any accident it would be the fault of the car driver.

It is, therefore, to be presumed that they want to blame the car driver who, as part of the present regime, pays, through registration and road user charges, for the markings on the roads for cycling lanes.

Here is an idea to make the cycling gentlemen scream even louder - registration for bicycles ridden by adults over the age of 18 at a rate commensurate with the costs incurred in road markings and other special precautions that have to be set in place for their safety.

Fines, appropriately heavy, could be levied for offences such as blocking the entire left-hand side of the road, just on dark, with lycra-clad cycling mobs ''just practising'' with no lead or tail car to give motorists time to take proper precautions.

This would have the twin benefits of reducing cyclist deaths and producing revenue in a vast stream for an increasingly cash-starved Government. A win-win solution and a small saving for the average motorist at registration time.



The Southland Times