Letter: What could go wrong?

02:27, Feb 05 2014

Let's build a 19km pipeline, fill it with ''treated'' sewage, industrial and trade waste, and let it stew for three to five days as it takes the scenic route to the Te Anau/Manapouri airport.

What next? Well, that's where it gets sticky. Change of plan.

Let's now spray the foul- smelling concentrated concoction of pathogens, bacteria, chemicals, gasses and toxins into the air and on to the land.

And, let's not bother disinfecting the brew as it's too costly.

We know we will pollute drinking water, the Waiau River and Lake Manapouri.

We know the foul odour could make visitors and workers at the airport retch.


We know the spray will drift beyond the boundary site and we know the effects of the contaminants on human health.

But wait, didn't we tell the Manapouri community six years ago there would be no ill effects on their health and environment?

Hmmm, let's not send the new scheme brochure to PO Boxes; let's make the new plan public just before Christmas.

But won't they object?

Hmmm, let's advertise two ''Open Days'' at the airport with consultants and council members and really big shiny posters.

But what if they ask questions like: is there an Environment Management Plan (EMP)? What happens if the pipeline is damaged? What if our drinking water and air is polluted? What if we get sick?

Hmmm, well, let's get the permits first then we'll sort out the EMP afterwards.

After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Submissions close: Friday February 14. Samples of completed submissions can be copied and sent by email, see: www.wastewater2.com


The Southland Times