Letter: Accommodation query

While the question of where the $4 million needed to complete the ''Around the Mountain'' cycle trail comes from remains unanswered, may I inquire as to where the additional million or so for cyclists accommodation in the Mavora Lakes area will come from?

Te Anau

Southland District Council group manager, services and assets, Ian Marshall, replies: The query Mr Murdoch raises relates to an element of the overall plan for the Around the Mountains Cycle Trail.

The plan includes an accommodation facility in the vicinity of Mavora Lakes.

The Southland District Council has no intentions of being the provider of this accommodation facility. However, it considers the provision of accommodation in the area to be important so the council's role will be to facilitate the opportunity for a private supplier to construct a facility.

Council is progressing with identifying a suitable site and getting an access agreement for use of the site as an accommodation facility and it will then make this site available to private operators or investors through an open process.

The council has no plans to have financial commitments or investment in the accommodation facility.

The Southland Times