Letter: Sewage hazard

The editor said to ''avoid the word sh.t''. It is improper in polite society to use that word, yet the Southland District Council says it is proper to dump up to 4500 cubic metres per day of sewage, which they have redefined as ''wastewater'', on Manapouri residents.

Freedom camping is not allowed in the area but the SDC can dump human waste? Outrageous!

What if Dunedin shipped sewage to Invercargill and sprayed it? Imagine the uproar! Should residents smile and sing Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head? A flag should read, ''Don't sh.t on Me''. Wars have been started for less cause than this.

Manapouri, part of pristine Fiordland, brings in many tourist dollars and should not be polluted. Residents have the right of quiet peace and enjoyment of their properties without the nuisance of foul odours and noxious gases. The health risks are staggering, the damage to businesses incalculable.

The proposed pipeline runs near one of the most dangerous earthquake faults in the world.

SDC and Environment Southland should lead by example using the ''You First'' principle.

Spray truckloads of sewage onto SDC members' home gardens, and on the grounds of ES. See if they find it offensive. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Manapouri has other options: a ratepayer strike, forming a class action and suing the SDC for nuisance, outrageous conduct, loss of business income and property value, etc. This should not happen in anyone's backyard.

The SDC is an eco-terrorist. It has forgotten ''clean and green'', eco-friendly and is turning New Zealand into a third world country.

This scheme stinks to high heaven.


Te Anau

The Southland Times