Letter: Candidate selection

Bill English made some good points in his column last week. However, his party is not the only one to select its candidates through the democratic process.

The Labour Party is currently selecting its candidate for the Invercargill seat.

Party members, and members of our affiliated unions, will take part in that process, which involves a selection panel on which local members will have the majority; local members and affiliates will also get to indicate their preference among the nominees in a vote from the floor after hearing speeches and responses to questions asked of them.

One other point arises from Mr English's article: politics is often about people from different parties working together.

As an advocate for ACC clients, I have good relations with the staff of the Invercargill and Gore offices of the National Party MPs as we work to obtain fair outcomes for my clients.

The Invercargill Labour selection will take place on Sunday, March 9.

As a nominee, I hope to see a good number of party members and affiliates turn up and have their say.


The Southland Times