Say no to closure

The Invercargill City Council tell me they sent out around 200 letters to say they are proposing to close the Tweed St-Ness St intersection permanently to straight-through and right-turning traffic in Tweed St into Ness St.

It will be open to cyclists and pedestrians only as it is an important cycleway link between Tay St and Kew Rd.

I was told the corner was monitored but, to me, this monitoring must have been after the road works on Tweed St started.

I've lived in the area for six years and there's miles more motorised traffic than cyclists and pedestrians.

Traffic starts around 6am and runs all day.

People on bikes (school children and workers) between 7am and 9am - 18 to 20.

Pedestrians: 10 to 12.

Even now, 30 to 40 vehicles turn out of Teviot St into Ness and turn back.

We have three child centres in the area; two in Ness and one in Tweed St. Mothers from South and East Invercargill use the intersection five days a week. It is access to lower Ythan St, to the SIT, as Ythan is closed south-to-north on Tweed.

This is another blow to south Invercargill.

People of Invercargill, and those in the South Alive project, should ring, fax and email the ICC and say no.

Look out: Lindesfarne and Tweed will be next.




The Southland Times