Don't do drugs at all

21:27, Mar 17 2014

Friday's front-page article concerning Southland workers' high drug test results has me concerned.

What had me more concerned was the comment from the EPMU Southland organiser, who seems to be defending workers having a ''puff on a joint'' on their days off.

The drugs will stay in the system for weeks and will show up in a urine test if asked to supply one, as part of the workers' employment agreement.

The EPMU is suggesting a swab test instead of a urine test to make the drug testing more specific to the eight hours before the worker turns up at his employ.

The EPMU should be more focused on making sure the workers he represents stay off drugs completely to keep their job, rather than a ''more accurate'' drug test.

That way the worker has more chance of keeping his job and avoiding workplace accidents of themselves and co-workers.





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