Let's clean up the city

01:34, Apr 01 2014

I am challenging a city councillor or two to walk along the west side of Dee St between Wachner Place and Farmers in early evening and not be dismayed at the state of these footpaths and the vacant shop doorways and windows.

The footpaths are dirty and very stained, windows and ledges dust covered, leaves left lying in tree containers etc etc.

I cannot understand why the Invercargill City Council cannot employ someone to clean the windows on a regular basis . . . and if these premises have out-of- town owners, then why not do what was once said and make them ''stump up'' regarding their properties.

And please, water-blast those footpaths.

They are a disgrace and truly makes our already tired city look even more so.

I need to feel proud of this city once more.

If need be I would take a bucket of hot water and a broom and clean the shop doorways and windows.