Cyclists' kindness will be remembered

Through your paper I would like to thank a lot of people who helped me recently.

I am part of the Phoenix Synchro Southland Synchronised Swimming Club and we are fundraising for the National Synchronised Swimming Championships in Wellington.

On Sunday, March 23, I sold a scratchie board at the Southland women's football opening tournament and I thank everyone who bought tickets from me.

Later that day I was struggling to sell another scratchie board outside my house when Eddie Dawkins and Brehan Cairns came and offered to sell my board at a party they were at.

They took my board and sold all the tickets on it to their families and Cycling Southland friends in only a few minutes.

I felt very thrilled and happy in my heart that so many people at the party showed me lots of kindness.

I have told lots of people what Eddie and Brehan did for me and they are very happy too.

I will remember what people did for me on Sunday when I become a famous synchronised swimmer like Eddie is a famous cyclist.

Thank you Eddie and Brehan for being my friends.

I am 8 years old.




The Southland Times