Bike trail costs fall back on ratepayers

21:58, Apr 03 2014

I was horrified to read in Thursday's Southland Times that the Around the Mountain Cycle Trail is contributing to a rates rise this year.

We all knew this would happen as cycle trails are popping up everywhere.

The last councillors who agreed to this being built have a lot to answer for.

They should be the ones with the extra rate increase, not us.

They said at the time that, well, the Government offered this money so ''we had to take it''.

A cyclist for many years, I always thought, and still do, this will finish up a white elephant and we the ratepayers will foot the bill.


There is no way this trail will have enough cyclists using it to pay the costs of maintenance.

The strong westerly winds that are so prevalent in the area would be enough for even the strong riders to contend with, let alone the ageing riders who ride these trails for their health.

I see weeds are now growing through areas of the trail.

Give it a few years and portions of the trail will become overgrown . . . and the ratepayer will still be footing the bill.

And what's more, this trail is only half finished. God knows how much the second half will cost us.


Te Anau