Costly plan

23:05, Apr 06 2014

On Monday, and Tuesday last week I attended meetings in Te Anau for councillors to hear objections to the Southland District Council's proposed 10-year plan.

Eight councillors, three planners, two staff, all charming patient and helpful. Hearing continued in Invercargill on Thursday and Friday. And on and on creeps on this petty pace from day to day for most of the winter. At astronomical expense to us ratepayers.

Some of the best brains in Te Anau came to submit on landscape, sewer-water disposal, and biodiversity.

But no, they were only hearing landscape.

I have to go to Invercargill June 6 to share my experience on Biodiversity. Costly for me, too.

The plan is A4 size. Thick, heavy and very, very costly. Few people I know have had time to read all that.


Within this bunch of nonsense there will be another hearing under a commissioner to discuss sewerage-water disposal for Te Anau. The engineering report, from a prominent consultancy, alone is 318 pages. I hand numbered mine, A4, 18mm thick without the covers. Very, very expensive.

My submission to all Southlanders is that there must be nothing in the Plan which inflicts loss or extra costs to any ratepayer. The council is ours - to defend us, not screw us.

I believe the proposed plan should be struck out in its entirety.

Frana has gone. David Adamson is going to Christchurch.

It seems to me that Gary Tong and his new CEO have one hell of a mess to clean up.