Rugby has done the trust no favours

01:03, Apr 14 2014

Given statements by the chairman of the Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust lately, it is obvious they are in this strife because of their deadbeat friends.

Ian Tulloch has been quoted as saying: ''That debt is nothing to do with us, really. But we agreed to channel it through our books as a rugby bail-out . . .''

Why is it our council, on top of the inappropriate process, now suggesting the ratepayers should pay back a $600,000 debt to Rugby Southland by not charging them rent for use of Rugby Park?

They have done no favours for the trust by charging over $100,000 a year in management fees.

Why should any courtesy be paid to them now?

In 2011, Community Trust of Southland chairman Tracy Hicks claimed Rugby Southland was insolvent and arguably had been for some time.


Funders provided $6.9 million in the five years to 2011.

They have been flogging a dead horse for too many years.

It is time to bury the horse, not repay it with ratepayer funds.

The favours already done for Rugby Southland have not helped them or the trust.

The council need to provide the residents with a definitive plan for the future of the facility without any consideration for Rugby Southland - they, with the support of Community Trust of Southland, and the trust, have caused this situation.