Stewart Island takeover

23:22, Apr 15 2014

Stewart Island is indeed undergoing a takeover bid as Martin Pepers has pointed out in his recent letter (April 14).

When the proposed 12 kilometre predator-free fence has been erected to separate the national park from privately owned land, the next steps after pest control would be deer control, then people control.

The Dancing Star Foundation webpage states clearly the ''vision'' for Stewart Island that has been embraced by the biodiversity managers of Southland and Stewart Island.

This agenda obviously began years ago and has been continuing with much of the stealth that gradualism employs.

Little by little the socialistic ploy brings about the changes that would have been totally rejected if the full plan had been revealed at the outset.

The ''vision'' includes, in time, the entirety of Stewart Island.


Wake up New Zealand, before it is too late!


Lora Gorge