DOC solution for trail

23:16, Apr 20 2014

Reading Andy McDonald's comments on the Round the Mountain Cycle Trail (April 5), I think, to be fair to the Government funding people, Fiordland would have got a good shot at funding for cycle trails if the Department of Conservation had put its hand up for some.

But because DOC didn't have any plan in place for cycling in or around the park to tag the money to, it had to go to Queenstown by default.

Andy McDonald is right about the Round the Mountain.

What is the use of cycling alongside a road? One might as well go in a car and be comfortable.

I think the real problem with the Manapouri to Te Anau trail is that it would be just too easy to build if DOC used volunteers and its own people over the winter instead of putting them off.

It would hardly cost the Government anything at all and that money has to be spent.


It would have to be handcrafted and asphalted with gems to cost anywhere near as much as the Around the Mountain job.

Oh, and lest we forget, National politicians will get Southland's vote what ever they do or don't, so no pressure for DOC there.




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